Cruz Announces Endorsement of 300+ SC Pastors and Faith Leaders

February 19, 2016


Pastors pray over Ted and Heidi Cruz at a pastors event in Columbia a few months ago.

Pastors pray over Ted and Heidi Cruz at a pastors event in Columbia a few months ago.

With voting in the SCGOP presidential primary just hours away, Ted Cruz announced yesterday the endorsement of more than 300 Pastors and Christian faith leaders from across the state in something his campaign is calling “Operation Gideon”.  *The full list of names is at the end of this article.

The endorsements could give Cruz a needed edge in a heavily evangelical faith-based state.  An NBC/WSJ poll of South Carolina SC voters released this morning shows Cruz in a tight race with Donald Trump, Trump 28%, Cruz 23%, with Rubio in a distant third at 15%.

The long list includes some of the most influential names in the South Carolina Christian community including Dr Bob Jones III, who is the chancellor of nationally renowned Bob Jones University, Ed Lofton, Parish Priest for an enormous Catholic church in Summerville, and the Revs. Stephen Williamson, Andy Wells and Chad Watson, who were major organizers of the We Stand for God Rally in Columbia this past summer which drew a crowd of more than 10,000. Also on this list are Bill Monroe, the pastor of the largest Baptist church in South Carolina, as well as Tommy Kelly and Skip Owens, the current and former presidents of the state’s Southern Baptist Convention.

In a press release Cruz said, “I believe we need to reassemble the Reagan coalition, to unite conservatives and libertarians and evangelicals and women and young people and Hispanics and blue collar workers to build a grassroots army of courageous conservatives, sharing common values and reigniting the promise of America.  Our pastor and faith leader endorsements today are a strong signal that the Reagan coalition is in fact coming back together, especially here in the Palmetto State.”

Cruz also boasts the endorsements of some of the most influential Christian leaders of the day including Dr James Dobson, Tony Perkins, Bob Vander Plaats, Gary Bauer as well as over 150 others who met in December at an event in Texas hosted by Perkins.

Pastor Mike Gonzalez of Columbia and Pastor Glen L Robinson of Greenville proudly hold their Ted Cruz signs as Cruz filed his paperwork to be on the primary ballot in SC over the summer.

Pastor Mike Gonzalez of Columbia and Pastor Glen L Robinson of Greenville proudly hold their Ted Cruz signs as Cruz filed his paperwork to be on the primary ballot in SC over the summer.

“While the endorsement of a single pastor is important, over 300 pastors and faith leaders endorsing a candidate like Ted Cruz sends an amazing message about Ted Cruz’s character, his consistent conservative record, and his defense of our shared values here in South Carolina” said Pastor Mike Gonzalez, Pastor of World Outreach Church in Columbia and a leader of the South Carolina Pastors Alliance who also serves as State Evangelical Co-Chair of the Cruz campaign.

Erik Corcoran, State Faith Director for the Cruz campaign said, “I have had so many pastors tell me ‘I have never endorsed a political candidate, in my life but I support Ted Cruz. These folks are not divided, they are united behind the Senator and his vision for this country.’  We have the phrase ‘We must be on our knees before we are on our feet if we are to see this nation turned back to God.’ We are truly in the Gideon moment of American history and Christian leaders are here to stay”.

“The Lord brought these pastors and ministry leaders together in a way that only He can take credit for. The story of Gideon rings true today. It only took 300 godly men to save the nation of Israel” Said Pastor Stephen Williamson of Gethsemane Baptist Church.

Brad Lindsey, Pastor of Gethsemane Baptist Church added, “We are thrilled to have pastors and leaders from so many denominations in the state of South Carolina. A revival of godly leadership has taken root here and pastors are taking up the call to stand with Ted Cruz and the cause of religious liberty”.

Senator Cruz came to our church last Sunday and shared his testimony. We have literally had hundreds of emails of overwhelmingly positive responses from people in our church. We are re-broadcasting his message at our church and we are reaching thousands of evangelicals across the state of South Carolina” Said Carl Broggi, Pastor at Community Bible Church.

By Javan Browder, Managing Editor – Conservative Fifty Dot Com


*Titles and affiliations of all endorsers are provided for identification purposes only. This is one in a series of releases announcing leaders of faith who support Ted Cruz for President.

Mrs. Crystal Aldridge, Women’s Ministry Leader
Rev. Steven Aldridge, Pastor at Lighthouse Baptist Church
Rev. Marcus O. Almonte, Senior Pastor, Brandywine Baptist Church
Mrs. Cheryl Aloway, Adult Group Leader at Deer Park Baptist Church
Mr. Jim Aloway, Deacon at Deer Park Baptist Church
Evangelist Jose Alvarez Vargas, Traveling Minister, Belton 2nd Baptist Church
Pastor Bryan Alverson, Pastor at Solid Rock Christian Church
Mrs. Rhonda Alverson, pastor’s wife & ministry leader
Mr. Dean Anderson, retired, Christian Community Activist
Pastor Brennan Aschleman, Associate Pastor at Calvary Chapel of Northeast Columbia
Rev. Xavier Baez, President of Xavier Baez Ministries
Rev. Sam Baker, Pastor at Calvary Baptist Church
Evangelist Bobby Barnes, Traveling Evangelist
Rev. David Battle, Pastor at Cameron South Methodist Church
Ms. Judy Battle, Peer Counselor
Rev. Tony Beam, Interim Pastor, VP of Student Affairs, North Greenville University
Pastor Larry Bennett, Associate Pastor at Community Bible Church
Pastor Joshua Berry, Preacher at Welcome Baptist Church
Representative Chumley Bill, Pro-Life Activist, State Representative
Mr. Adam Bishop, Street Evangelist
Pastor Todd Black, Pastor, Turning Point Free Will Baptist Church
Mrs. Christina Black, President of Women Active for Christ at Turning Point Free Will Baptist Church
Mrs. Ana Marie Blevins, Homeschool Group Leader
Mr. Lyle Blevins, Retirement Home Ministry Worship Leader
Chaplain Brian Bohlman, SC National Guard Chaplain
Mr. Bobby Bollin, Missionary at Rock of Ages
Mr. Daniel Bostic, Models for Christ
Mr. Curtis Bostic, Ministry Leader
Rev. Bobby & Joyce Bowers, retired Minister
Evangelist Michah Brackett, Gantt Street Baptist
Pastor William Bradley, Antioch Baptist Church
Rev. Walter Brigman Jr., Pastor at Redemption Church
Rev. Carl Broggi, Senior Pastor, Community Bible Church
Mrs. Audrey Broggi, Founder of National Mothering From the Heart Ministries at Community Bible Church
Dr. Mitch Brooks, Pastor at Belton 2nd Baptist Church
Mr. Javan Browder, Christian Camp Leader
Pastor Michael Brown, Pastor Church of God
Mrs. Gloria Bryant, Women’s Ministry Leader
Rev. Aubrey Burton, CBC Director of Men’s Ministry
Rev. Richard Busha, Blue Ridge Baptist Church
Ms. Cherie Cahoon, Community Bible Church
Mr. Tommy Caldwell, Sunday School Leader at Beacon Baptist Church
Pastor Shawn Caldwell, Home Church Pastor, Restoration Church
Pastor Wesley Campbell, Pastor at Wesley Campbell Ministries
Mr. Ryan Candill, Administrator at Florence Baptist Temple
Pastor Daniel Carpenter, Palmetto Land Baptist Church
Pastor Gene Carpenter, Palmetto Land Baptist Church
Evangelist Brenton Carr, Evangelist, Carr Family Ministries
Pastor Harley Case, Pastor at Open Bible Baptist Church
Mr. Scott Case, Christian Activist at Mt. Calvary Baptist Church, Greenville County Auditor
Rev. Kenneth Cash, Una First Free Will Baptist Church
Pastor Gordon Cashwell, Pastor at Hope Assembly of God, Director of Without Walls Ministry
Nicky & Sheri Chavers, Founders, Academy of Arts
Mr. Chris Chavis, Ministry Leader at Glory Land Baptist Church
Mrs. Sarah Chavis, Women’s Ministry Leader at Glory Land Baptist Church
Rev. John R. Clayton, Retired Pastor, Church of the Nazarene
Rev. Herb Collins, Associate Pastor at Bamberg Church of God
Pastor Herb Collins, Pastor at Bamberg Church of God
Pastor William Coltrain, Pastor Riverview Baptist Church
Mr. Sidney Connelly, Church Teacher, Trident Baptist Academy
Pastor Sam Conover, Missions Pastor at Heritage Bible Church
Mr. Scott Cooper, Pro-Life Activist
Pastor Michael Corley, Youth Pastor at Restoration Church
Pastor Steve Croot, Anchor Baptist Church
Pastor Joey Curado, Pastor at Calvary Baptist Church
Rev. Allen Davis, Church Planter Lighthouse Baptist Church
Mr. Stan Dawson, Adjunct Professor at Charleston Southern University
Dr. Wayne & Mrs. Anita Dickard, Evangelist
Rev. Daniel Duncan, Assistant Pastor, Liberty Baptist
Pastor Shem Durham, Pastor at Cannon Mtn. Baptist Church
Pastor Gerald Eaves, Pastor at Lancaster Faith Baptist Church
Rev. Mitchell Edge, Pastor at FWB Church
Pastor Gary Edwards, Pastor at Landmark Baptist Church, Easley
Pastor Bill Egerdahl, Pastor, Grace Baptist Church
Pastor Matthew Egerdahl, Youth Pastor, Grace Baptist Church
Dr. Nse Ekpo, Homeschool Leader, Christian Activist
Pastor Chris Ellis, Pastor, Truth Independent Baptist Church
Mr. David Ellison, Leader of Vets for Jesus
Dr. David Entrekin, Professor of Economics
Mr. Nathan Farmer, Teen Ministry Leader at Gethsemane Baptist Church
Youth Pastor Tyler Flemming, Youth Pastor at Turning Point Free Will Baptist Church
Mr. Ricky Forschner, Director of Communications at Community Bible Church
Pastor Sean Fortner, Pastor at First Free Will Baptist Church
Pastor Tony Foster, Pastor at Restoration Worship Center
Pastor Michael Frisina, Senior Pastor at Calvary Chapel Northeast Columbia
Rev. Gabriel Galdo, Pastor at Grace Alliance Church
Ms. Betty Gaskins, Deer Park Baptist Church Management Team
Ms. Claudia Gay, Lay Leader, Community Bible Church
Mr. William Gay, Lay Leader, Community Bible Church
Mr. Kurt Gerstenberger, Sunday School Teacher at Gethsemane Baptist Church
Pastor Jermaine Geter-Samon, Youth Minister at Columbia World Outreach
Ms. Laura Godwin, Nightlight Christian Adoption
Ms. Anabell Gonzalez, Women’s Co-Director, Columbia World Outreach Church
Ms. Dawn Gonzalez, Women’s Ministry Director at Columbia World Outreach Church
Pastor Mike Gonzalez, Senior Pastor, Columbia World Outreach Church and Chair, South Carolina Pastor’s Alliance
Rev. Carlos Gonzalez, Associate Pastor, Columbia World Outreach Church
Rev. Tracy Gooding, Pastor, Bay Springs Baptist Church
Rev. Barry Goodman, Pastor at Faith Baptist Church
Rev. Chris Gray, Senior Pastor, Gnoree Baptist Church
Chaplain Steve Greene, Prison Chaplain at Joel Baptist Church
Mrs. Debbie Greene, Ladies Prison Ministry Leader at Joel Baptist Church
Rev. Ricky Griffin, Evangelist
Mr. Leonard Griffin, Church Ministry Leader
Mr. Joe Grimaud, Board Member, Tony Evans Ministries
Mrs. Gladys Grimaud, Board Member, Tony Evans Ministries
Mr. Edward Gross, Dr. Vanguard Global Network
Rev. Jeff Gulish, Pastor at Westchester Baptist Church
Senior Pastor Michael Gullatte, Christ for the Nations Church
Pastor Tim Hackett, Pastor at Fairview Free Will Baptist Church
Col. Frank Hall, WWII Veteran, Faith Leader
Rev. Ray Hamilton, Minister of Hospitality at Turning Point Free Will Baptist
Dr. Al Harley, Psychiatrist Biblical Counseling, Florence Baptist Temple
US Army Chaplain Darrell Harlow-Curtis
Pastor Carroll Harrison, Pastor South Greenwood Assembly of God Church
Ms. Caren Harvey, Community Bible Church Financial Ministry
Rev. David Harvey, Pastor at Arrowhead Valley Baptist
Pastor Steve Hassell, Pastor, Goodrich Baptist/Working Charleston Campaign
Pastor Michael T. & Debra Haynes, Trident Baptist Church
Rev. Michael & Heidi Haynes, Associate Pastor at Trident Baptist Church
Mrs. Charlotte Hendrix, Lay Leader, Florence
Mrs. Julie Hershey, Live Free Inc., Greenville
Pastor Elton Adam Hinson, Pastor at First Free Will Baptist Church
Rev. William Hoff, Pastor, Life Baptist Church
Mr. Joseph Holcomb, Owner of Just Jesus Radio
Rev. Jack Holden, Retired Pastor
Rev. Tim Huckaby, Burnsview Baptist Church
Ms. Kay Hucks, Christian School Teacher
Pastor Micah Hucks, Bread of Life Tabernacle
Mr. Chad Hutchins, Lay Leader
Pastor Christopher Jackson, Riverside Baptist Church
Pastor Robert Jarvis, Pastor at Welcome Baptist Church
Rev. Don Johnson, Minister of Church Administration, Harbour Lake Baptist Church
Rev. Todd Johnson, Pleasant Grove Baptist Church
Pastor Jeffrey Johnson, Pastor at Restoration Church
Jeff Johnson, Minister of Education, Florence Baptist Temple, South Carolina
Pastor Jay Johnson, Pastor at Cedar Grove Baptist Church
Rev. Michael Jones, USAF-Retired
Dr. Bob Jones III, Chancellor, Bob Jones University
Mr. Gary Jordan, Ministry Leader, Norland Baptist Church
Ms. Iris Jordan, Ministry Leader
Rev. Jeff Jowers, Associate Pastor at Mount Mariah Baptist Church
Rev. Max Kaster, Pastor at Calhoun Baptist Church
Mr. Charles Kelcy, Sons of Abraham
Mrs. Deborah Kelcy, The Church of God
Pastor Jeff Kelley, Grace Baptist Church
Mrs. Phyllis Kelley, Christian Activist
Dr. Tommy Kelly, President South Carolina Baptist Convention & Pastor at Varnville First Baptist Church
Mr. Jay Kilmartin, Lay Leader
Rev. Allan Kircher, Pastor at Shell Point Baptist Church
Prof. Dan Kirsop, Music Professor at Bob Jones University
Mrs. Jamie Kneale, Administrator Colonial Christian Academy
Ms. Lana Koenig, Lee Road Baptist Church
Ms. Barbara Krell, Outreach Director at Refreshing Springs Church
Ministry Leader Bobby LaBombard, Ministry Leader at Gethsemane Baptist Church
Rev. Malcolm Lance, Highland Baptist Church
Mr. Nelson Lara, Deacon at Trident Baptist Church
Rev. Tim Larrimore, Pastor at Liberty Free Will Baptist Church
Mr. Geoffrey Lawson, Deacon at Community Bible Church
Rev. Cliff Leonard, New Providence Baptist Church
Pastor Matthew Leszczynski, Worship Pastor at Community Bible Church
Rev. Gene Scott Lewellen, Walnut Hill Baptist Church
Mr. Charles Lewis, Founder/Moderator, Save America Summit
Ms. Blake Lindsey, Director of Broadcasting GGR Radio
Ms. Melody Lindsey, Director of Child Care Services, Gethsemane Baptist Church
Rev. Brad Lindsey, Minister of Music, Gethsemane Baptist Church
Dr. Peter Link, Associate Professor at Charleston Southern University
Rev. Richard Lister, Pastor of Electric City Fellowship
Ms. Wanda Lloyd, Liberty FWB Church
Rev. James Locklair, Pastor at Clifton Church of God
Monsignor Ed Lofton, State Chaplain, Knights of Columbus and Parish Priest, St. Theresa Catholic Church
Rev. Brent Logan, Pastor at Liberty Baptist Church
Evangelist Doug Lowery, Evangelist, Heart Lifting Ministries
Mr. Josiah Magnuson, Americans for Constitutional Government
Dr. John Matthews, Cornerstone Fellowship Freewill Baptist Church
Rev. J. Philip McAlister, Pastor, Geer Memorial Baptist Church
Pastor Roger McCullough, Mt. Olive Baptist Church
Mr. Robert McIntire, Christian Biker Leader & U.S. Navy Veteran
Mrs. Kristin McIntire, Midway Baptist Church
Ms. Gaye McNair, Women’s Ministry Leader
Pastor Larry Melton
Pastor Frankie Melton, Pastor at Health Springs Baptist Church
Rev. Frankie Melton, South Carolina Pastors Alliance
Pastor Bill Monroe, Senior Pastor, Florence Baptist Temple and Past President, Baptist Bible Fellowship
Rev. Alex Morales, Columbia World Outreach
Rev. Jim Murray, Pastor at Forest Hills Independent Baptist Church
Representative Wendy Nanny, National Co-Chair, Pro-Life Coalition for Cruz
Dr. Paul Noe, Sweet Water Baptist Church
Mr. Jon Orcutt, Lay Leader
Mr. Walter Overbay, Deacon at First Baptist
Ms. Evelyn Owens, Children’s Ministry, Community Bible Church
Dr. Skip Owens, Pastor at Calvary Baptist, former president of the SBC, and Retired Director of Denominational Relations at Southern Baptist University
Pastor Wayland Owens, Pastor at 1st FWB Church
Rev. Michael & Mrs. Bonnie Parnell
Rev. Jake Patterson, Pastor at Hurricane Baptist Church
Mr. Charles Peacock, Evangelist
Pastor Tony Pettit
Rev. Joel Phillips, Pastor Northside Baptist Church
Rev. Cliff Phillips, Pastor Highpoint Baptist Church
Rev. Kevin Phillips, Former Pastor, Retired Army Officer
Rev. Rob Pierce III, Pastor at Summerton Baptist Church
Mr. Rufus Pinckney, Greater Work Ministries
Rev. Wesley Pittman, Pastor
Rev. Bryan Plyler, The River Church, Lead Pastor
Rev. Ronnie Powell, South Carolina Pastors Alliance
Mr. Tony Powers, Christian Radio Talk Show Host
Youth Pastor Mitch Prosser, Harvest Baptist Church
Pastor Donald C. Prosser, Providence Baptist Church
Mr. Nathan Randall, Sunday School Teacher at Gethsemane Baptist Church
Mr. Gregory Rankin, Lay Pastor and President Engineering Consulting Firm
Mr. James Ray Richburg, Head Deacon at Cornerstone Fellowship Baptist Church
Mrs. Francis Richburg, Rep President Ladies Auxillary Cornerstone Fellowship Baptist Church
Rev. Randy Riddle, Pastor at Grace Presbyterian Church
Rev. John Riddle, Pastor at Westminster Presbyterian Church
Pastor Bill (W.C.) Rigsby, North Anderson Baptist Church
Mr. Jeff Riley, Ministry Leader and Special Olympics Representative
Mr. Justin Riley, Ministry Leader at Glory Land Baptist Church
Pastor Buddy Robbins, The Bridge Church
Pastor Glen Robinson, Church of Deliverance
Pastor Jimmy Robinson, Glenwood Baptist Church
Mr. Peter Robyn, Founder, Founder, History Strips
Reverend Alvin Rogers, Jr., Pastor at 1st Pentecostal Holiness Church
Pastor Kevin Rogers, Pastor at Joel Baptist Church
Rev. Robert Ryggs, Grace Baptist Church
Mr. Sean Andre Samon, Elder of Ministry Board, C.W.O. Ministry Leader
Dr. Terry Sartain, Calvary Chapel
Rev. Richard Saxon , Church of God Representative, Ministry to Israel
Rev. James R. Saxon III, Church of God
Mr. Greg Schafer, Deacon at Trident Baptist Church
Ms. Anne Schell, His Song and Greenville for Life
Pastor Joe Seay, Pastor, El Bethel Baptist Church
Mr. Peter Simms, Christian Activist
Pastor Bryant Sims, Pastor at First Mount Mariah
Ms. Penny Smalls, Columbia World Outreach Leadership
Rev. Larry Smalls, Associate Pastor, Columbia World Outreach
Rev. Jeremy Smith, Pastor at Whitefield Baptist Church
Pastor Vince Smith, Community Bible Church of Beaufort
Father Steven Smith, Episcopal Church of the Atonement
Rev. Al Smith, Pastor at Pinecrest Baptist Church
Representative Gary Smith, Pro-Life Activist
Pastor David Snodgrass, Pastor at Camden Nazarene
Rev. Bill & Mrs. Deborah South, Pastor, Pleasant View Baptist Church
Mr. Jarred Spencer, Deacon, Independent Baptist Church
Rev. Wayne Stafford, Pastor, Pilgrim’s Way BC
Pastor David J. Stanton, Youth Pastor, Goodrich Baptist Church
Rev. James W. Starr, Vision 2020 Asia
Rev. Tony Stephens, Associate Pastor at Harbour Lake Baptist Church
Rev. Sid Stewart, Director Emeritus of Haven of Rest Ministries
Ms. Patricia Stewart, Christian Activist
Rev. Mary Stoney, Senior Pastor of LP Ministries
Mr. Craig Stouffer, Ministry Leader at Faith Baptist Church
Mr. Nathan Stouffer, Ministry Leader at Faith Baptist Church
Rev. N. Titus Stracener, Preacher, Missionary
Mrs. Susan Swanson, Augusta Care Pregnancy Center
Pastor Andy Thomas, Pastor at New Life Fellowship
Mr. Steve Thomas, Trustee at Cornerstone Fellowship Baptist Church
Ms. Elizabeth Tindall, Women’s Ministry Leader at Glory Land Baptist Church
Pastor Dennis Tolley, Pastor at Gaffney Freewill Baptist Church
Rev. Johnny Touchet, Pastor at Mount Mariah Baptist Church
Pastor Frank Townsend, Pastor at Concord Baptist Church
Rev. Darren Truel, Mission Pastor, Gethsemane Baptist Church
Rev. Travis Tucker, Music Director
Pastor Randy Valandingham, Rejoice Aiken Fellowship
Dr. Robert F. Vallair, Chaplain
Rev. Joe Vaughn, Pastor at Faith Baptist Church
Rev. Ed Vernoy, Pastor of Care Ministry at Community Bible Church
Rev. Donnie Vick, Pastor
Pastor Todd Vick, Pastor, Calvary Baptist Church
Ms. Glenda Ware, Retired, Bessemer City First Baptist Child Care Ministries
Evangelist Bradley Wasson, Lexington Baptist Teacher and Evangelist
Pastor Steve Waters, Patterson Springs Baptist Church
Rev. Chad & Mrs. Cheryl Watson, Glory Land Baptist
Mr. Randall Watson, Director of Multimedia at Glory Land Baptist
Ms. Brittany Watson, Prison Ministry Leader at Joel Baptist Church
Mrs Lisa Watson, Church Secretary
Mr. Chip Watson, Church Leader
Mrs. Pat Wavle, Christian Leader & School Teacher
Pastor Jamie Weatherford, Pastor at Midway Baptist Church
Rev. Wesley Webb, Grace Baptist Church
Pastor Jo Ann Welch, Truth Pentecostal Holiness Church
Reverend Darby Welch, Truth Pentecostal Holiness Church
Rev. Andy Wells, Galilee Baptist
Rev. Aaron Wells, Associate Pastor at Galilee Baptist Church
Ms. Leah Whatley, Lay Leader & Christians for Israel Activist
Pastor Mark White, Pastor at Christian Assembly
Rev. Chris White, Missionary to Japan
Mr. Earl Whiteley, Deacon at Deer Park Baptist Church
Mrs. Jackie Whiteley, Children’s Choir Director at Deer Park Baptist
Rev. Stephen (Scott) Williamson, Pastor at Gethsemane Baptist Church
Elder Wayne Williamson, Elder at Gethsemane Baptist Church
Pastor Scott Williamson, Song Leader at Gethsemane Baptist Church
Mrs. Jennifer Williamson, Leader of Women’s Ministry at Gethsemane Baptist Church
Rev. Alfred Willis, Pastor, Life Baptist Church
Pastor Rhett Wilson, Pastor, The Spring Church
Pastor Steve Winburn, Pastor, Faith Holiness Church
Rev. Ted Windham
Youth Pastor Brian Winebrenner, Youth Pastor at Turning Point Free Will Baptist Church
Mr. Ken Wingate, Lay Leader
Mr. William Wiseman, The Oak Initiative
Rev. Kenny Wood, Pastor at McKown’s Mtn. Baptist Church
Rev. Wm. Byron Wood, Holiday Church
Rev. Bob Woodard, SC Pastors Alliance
Ms. Alicia C. Wrenn, Allison Creek Presbyterian Church Webmaster
Mr. Steve Yaffe, The Oak Initiative
Mrs. Marcia Yaffe, The Oak Initiative
Dr. Freddie Young, Senior Pastor, Grand Strand Baptist Church
Pastor David Young, Pastor at Antioch Baptist Church
Rev. Marshall Young, Associate Pastor at Harbour Lake Baptist Church
Pastor John Yount, Retired Pastor

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