Why am I endorsing Bill Connor for US Senate? By Craig V Adams

March 9, 2014
Craig V Adams and Bill Connor

Craig V Adams and Bill Connor

Why am I endorsing Bill Connor for US Senate?


…It’s about Principles and Courage

First, I am proud to call Bill Connor a friend, and I wholeheartedly endorse Bill for election to the US Senate. He is a thoughtful and caring man who always has the citizens of South Carolina’s best interests at heart.

I encourage everyone to vote for and or campaign for Bill Connor and send him to Washington to represent us in a more conservative and accountable approach to Governing than DC’s political establishment incumbent Senator, Lindsey Graham.


To “go along to get along” is not Bill’s style…

The people of South Carolina want and need a courageous conservative leader in the United States Senate who will stand up to Washington insiders and the Obama Administration by voting for the most qualified, ethical leaders, and sound constitutional legislation.


Bill will only support foreign treaties that serve the best interests of America.

Mr. Connor will never vote to confirm any extreme left-wing activist because, in the words of Lindsey Graham, “elections have consequences.”

…Wow, what a cop-out!


Bill’s political views derive from a profound respect for the founding generation and a deep love for his country.

If you disrespect or tread on the Constitution – then don’t expect Bill Connor to support your appointment.

Voting to confirm a Supreme Court Justice is a very serious matter and should be carefully debated and only the best constitutional candidates should be considered. And, if a nominee is unqualified or deemed to be just another radical left-wing activist then they should not received confirmation!


Bill Connor is an unapologetic Christian.

I want someone who will not be just another rubber stamp for the liberals, progressives, or establishment Republicans on critical appointees and vital legislative matters.

Bill Connor will stand tall and not become just another party puppet. He is an exceptional candidate. He’s principled, passionate, and has incredible courage.

As a devoted father, loyal soldier and proven conservative, Bill Connor has the kind of experience, abilities and discipline required if we truly want to stop the “fundamental transformation” of our great nation and to turn it around.


Courage and Principles are truly lacking in Washington, DC.

Bill Connor is a Godly constitutional conservative who will continually fight to stop the massive spending, bailouts, and debt that are destroying our country. He’s not afraid to stand up to the Washington establishment and he will do what it takes to stop Obamacare, cut spending, and get the government off our backs.


Please join me in supporting Bill Connor for US Senate. Vote Connor!

Craig V Adams

Craig is a Conservative Activist and Republican Strategist in Lexington SC


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