Benghazi: The Cover-Up That Cannot Be Explained Away

May 16, 2013
President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaking at the Rose Garden 2-12-2009.  Image source:

President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaking at the Rose Garden 2-12-2009. Image source:

“Since our founding, the United States has been a nation that respects all faiths. We reject all efforts to denigrate the religious beliefs of others. But there is absolutely no justification to this type of senseless violence.  None.  The world must stand together to unequivocally reject these brutal acts…….. Acts of terror” Barack Obama speaking of the Benghazi attack at the Rose Garden on Sept 12, 2012.


Gene Robinson’s recent article defending the Obama Administration for Benghazi-gate is quite instructive.  The piece must have been written before the other various scandals came to light, including the abuses against the media and IRS bias against tea party groups.  Even the most Liberal of the Washington press corps has been forced into silence rather than defend Obama.  Regardless of whether Robinson’s cheerleading for Obama will continue now, it is almost comical to watch after what we now know. Let me explain.


In attempting to downplay the seriousness of the lies about Benghazi, Robinson opines: “Well, then, maybe the transgression is that administration officials, for some unfathomable reason, willfully lied when they said the attack was in reaction to an anti-Islam video produced in the United States and disseminated on the Internet. The problem is that there were, in fact, tumultuous anti-American demonstrations………. President Obama labeled the Benghazi assault an act of terror almost immediately — as Mitt Romney learned in the second presidential debate — but it was hard to imagine that the attack was completely unrelated to what was happening in Cairo, Tunis, Khartoum and Jakarta.”


This almost makes me wonder if the article was meant to be satire on par with the best of Saturday Night Live.  First, Barack Obama did not immediately label the attack as a terrorist attack, despite knowing the truth within hours of the attack.  President Obama and his minions like Susan Rice spent weeks spinning the Benghazi attack as a “spontaneous demonstration” related to the silly Mohammed video.  Obama later attempted to “claim” he had properly labeled the attack as terrorism to win points against Mitt Romney.  However, even his September 12, 2012 Rose Garden speech was not what the President related during debate.


The President’s use of the term “acts of terror” followed his criticism of the Mohammed video and he insinuated the video was responsible for “senseless violence” (Again, the President knew this attack was not “senseless violence”, but a well-coordinated Al Qaeda linked group). “Acts of Terror” was clearly intended to convey the senseless violence of a “spontaneous demonstration” and not a planned assault by an Islamist group.  The President knowingly deceived us during the one example he used to prove he was telling the truth in the weeks following Benghazi!


Of course, Gene Robinson also repeats the spin of the administration claiming they had no motivation to lie about the attack.  Robinson writes: “(for) some unfathomable reason, (the administration) willfully lied when they said the attack was in reaction to an anti-Islam video. “Unfathomable reason”??  Are you kidding Gene?  Any six year old could figure out the motivation to lie about the reality of this attack.  The President had spent months prior to 9-11 attempting to convince the American people Al Qaeda was “on the run” in his narrative to win the White House.  Obama bragged to be: “the man who got Bin Laden”, and was the man to be trusted in having virtually defeated Al Qaeda during his time in office.  He was the foreign policy and national defense expert to counter Mitt Romney’s perceived strength on the economy.  That was the narrative to win the election.  Therefore, the reality of this attack planned and coordinated by an Al Qaeda connected terror group was deadly to Obama’s reelection strategy.  “Spinning” the narrative of this being a “spontaneous demonstration” was what was needed to ensure Obama’s reelection in November 2012.  Anyone who has seen the evidence is forced to this conclusion and indictment.


Unfortunately for Gene Robinson and other Obama cheerleading reporters of the “elite” class, credibility is being sacrificed as the scandals mount up.  Even the most stalwart media supporters are having a hard time supporting the President.  This is particularly true when The President continues to claim he called Benghazi a terrorist attack during the Rose Garden speech.  Any American with access to read the full transcripts of the speeches in the Rose garden, the United Nations, and a number of other places know it’s a lie.


benghaziThe American people deserve better. Trust has been broken in such a way it will be impossible to rebuild.  It is time for Gene Robinson and other national media personalities to follow the standard they set during Watergate: Call for the impeachment or resignation of the President.  If the Gene Robinson’s of the world cannot bring themselves to take that step, at least report the truth.  The American people deserve no less after the many months of spin.  In the end, the truth, including the truth about what happened in Benghazi, will prevail.

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God Bless America,

Bill Connor


Bill ConnorBill Connor - of Orangeburg SC is an Attorney, a decorated Army Reserve LT. Colonel (Airborne Ranger), and is an expert in counterinsurgency combat.  He served as Senior US Advisor to Helmand Province, Afghanistan where he received the Bronze Star. Connor is a graduate of The Citadel and the University of South Carolina (USC) School of Law.  He is a former candidate for S.C. Lieutenant Governor (making the runoff election in the Republican primary 2010.)  Connor served as National Security Advisor for presidential candidate Rick Santorum.  He currently serves as GOP Chairman for South Carolina’s sixth district, director of the Army’s Command and General Staff College (ILE) in S.C., and a is member of the U.S. Counterterrorism Advisory Team.  Connor, along with partner W. Thomas Smith Jr. recently founded National Defense Consultants LLC, a partnership providing clients with military analysis ranging from geostrategy to special operations; counterterrorism; ground, Naval, and air combat; military leadership and military law.  Connor is also the author of the book “Articles From War” He became a contributor for the South Carolina Conservative Dot Com in 2012.

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