Boston Marathon Bombings: Not the Second Attack on the US Homeland Since 9/11

April 17, 2013

Boston Marathon bombing

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Though I am shocked and saddened by the Boston Bombings, I will not repeat the lie that “this is the first terrorism on US soil since 9/11″.


The massacre at Ft. Hood was committed by a self-identified Jihadist with ties to known Islamist terror figures. As he brutally killed unarmed American soldiers on US soil, he yelled “Allahu Akbah”. He had previously written treasonous anti-US Jihadist rhetoric, but it was ignored due to ultra-sensitivity with offending Muslims.


Those he wounded deserve Purple Hearts for being shot by the enemy (Radical Islam), but Political Correctness trumped the rights of the victims. Instead of terrorism on US soil, this was called “workplace violence”. It was terrorism on US soil, pure and simple, regardless of how many in the administration repeat the lie.


I don’t know who committed the terrorism in Boston, but Boston was not the first terrorism since 9-11. Additionally, all the terrorism we have faced in the US and overseas has been radical Islamist terrorism. If I hear another MSNBC or CNN liberal opine Boston was probably “right wing terrorism” (v. “probably Islamist terrorism”)………..


Political correctness and Liberal ideology is destroying our great nation and it is time for the silent majority to wake up and fight back. While we still have the ability to defend ourselves.


Bill Connor


Bill ConnorBill Connor - of Orangeburg SC is an Attorney, a decorated Army Reserve LT. Colonel (Airborne Ranger), and is an expert in counterinsurgency combat.  He served as Senior US Advisor to Helmand Province, Afghanistan where he received the Bronze Star. Connor is a graduate of The Citadel and the University of South Carolina (USC) School of Law.  He is a former candidate for S.C. Lieutenant Governor (making the runoff election in the Republican primary 2010.)  Connor served as National Security Advisor for presidential candidate Rick Santorum.  He currently serves as GOP Chairman for South Carolina’s sixth district, director of the Army’s Command and General Staff College (ILE) in S.C., and a is member of the U.S. Counterterrorism Advisory Team.  Connor, along with partner W. Thomas Smith Jr. recently founded National Defense Consultants LLC, a partnership providing clients with military analysis ranging from geostrategy to special operations; counterterrorism; ground, Naval, and air combat; military leadership and military law.  Connor is also the author of the book “Articles From War” He became a contributor for the South Carolina Conservative Dot Com in 2012.

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