Happy Easter back to you Reverend Mason: A Response From Bill Connor to Rick Mason

April 2, 2013

Easter this year was one I would not have expected.  After attending Church, I had the “pleasure” of reading the scathing diatribe of Reverend Rick Mason which he made in response to my recent piece “The Media’s Twisting of Reality”.  Having earlier witnessed Pastor Mason’s personal insults against his Republican opponents in the 2012 Presidential elections, (“Well, I have now had two Obama/Biden signs stolen from my front yard this month. I guess that’s about all we can expect from the supporters of a candidate whose only tactics are lying, bullying and trying to prevent people from voting.” Oct 27, Rick Mason’s Oct 27, 2012 letter to the editor in the T and D), I wasn’t surprised by the tone or timing. However, it was quite unfortunate that a Pastor would stoop to slamming a Christian’s beliefs, particularly if that person’s Theology is consistently Biblical. That tired refrain of the Left: “those holding to the Biblical standards care nothing about the teachings and example of Jesus” is what I would expect from a Democrat operative and not a Pastor. In the interest of turning the other cheek and staying off the personal, I’ll keep this letter to the point on issues I believe critical to the future of the Church and our nation.

Rev. Mason writes: “how so many Christians claim for the Bible things that the Bible never claims for itself — that it is inerrant”. This is a shocking statement coming from a Pastor with a Lutheran background.  Lutheranism was founded by Martin Luther, who, himself faced death at Worms, holding to the inerrancy of the Bible. Martin Luther boldly told those demanding him to recant his writings that they must convince him with scripture.  St. Augustine and the great intellectuals of the Faith have all held to Biblical inerrancy.  The Bible itself is rather clear to the point: “All scripture is inspired (God Breathed) by God” II Timothy 3:16 and “For no prophecy was ever produced by the will of man, but men spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit.” II Peter 1:21. I could go on, but no serious Theologian will challenge Biblical inerrancy.  God’s Word is the foundation and authority of our Faith, and bringing doubt on the Word has destroyed entire denominations of the Church.


Rev. Mason goes on to make a number of defenses for Liberal and Progressive laws and ideology.  In fact, he appears to place the primary blame for societal ills on Christian “fundamentalists” and conservatives.  However, he doesn’t really counter the point of my article.  The prime argument was in pointing out the connection of the breakdown of the American Family to what we see now: Exponential increase in divorce rates, single parenthood at almost 50%, etc.  This is all tied to the federal deficit and crime rates, as I explained with the statistics over the period of time from the 1960s until today.  I even made the point that the blame cuts across party lines. Not so
with Rev. Mason’s casting of blame fully on conservatives.


Jesus was clear about the sanctity and definition of marriage (and God’s hatred of divorce) when answering the question of the lawfulness of divorce: “And He answered and said to them, ‘Have you not read that He who made them at the beginning ‘made them male and female,’ and said, ‘For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh’?  So then, they are no longer two but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate.”  By your own words, Rev. Mason, you would first question whether or not Jesus said that, then go on to question the “intolerance” and lack of compassion. Maybe, just maybe, Jesus loved people so much he did not want them (or their children) to suffer the pain of divorce.


This is how Government and religion cannot be separated, and God never intended full separation.  Laws in Democratic society follow the values of the people.  If the people are imbued with Christian values, the laws will follow those values.  However, laws forced upon people can push the values of those people in a certain direction.  For example, when the Supreme Court, an unelected body, deemed abortion a “Constitutional Right”, polls showed a shift in the views of the lawfulness of abortion.  Likewise, when the Supreme Court pandered to Liberal Progressives in ending Bible Reading and School Prayer (which had been in place from the Constitution through 1963) it caused a shift in the views of lawfulness of public worship of God.  “Separation of Church and State”, is a phrase not used in the Constitution, but taken out of context from the Danbury Letter. Though no Christians would want a state Church in America, the founders never intended God would not be honored in the public sphere.  Jefferson, the author of the Danbury letter, worshipped in public buildings and even lobbied Congress to appropriate money for missionary work to Native Americans.


The effects of “no fault” divorce, the end of prayer and Bible reading, Roe v. Wade, etc. have taken two generations to see their full extent.  I believe Americans still have time to look back and realize the mistake: We, as a Christian nation, decided to turn from time-tested Biblical values and we are paying the price. Those holding to this view do not hate the poor or look down on fellow sinners. They realize we are all in this together and we can only come out of it if we work together toward a better future.  Can’t we agree as Christians to work toward that end?

God Bless America,

Bill Connor


Bill ConnorBill Connor - of Orangeburg SC is an Attorney, a decorated Army Reserve LT. Colonel (Airborne Ranger), and is an expert in counterinsurgency combat.  He served as Senior US Advisor to Helmand Province, Afghanistan where he received the Bronze Star. Connor is a graduate of The Citadel and the University of South Carolina (USC) School of Law.  He is a former candidate for S.C. Lieutenant Governor (making the runoff election in the Republican primary 2010.)  Connor served as National Security Advisor for presidential candidate Rick Santorum.  He currently serves as GOP Chairman for South Carolina’s sixth district, director of the Army’s Command and General Staff College (ILE) in S.C., and a is member of the U.S. Counterterrorism Advisory Team.  Connor, along with partner W. Thomas Smith Jr. recently founded National Defense Consultants LLC, a partnership providing clients with military analysis ranging from geostrategy to special operations; counterterrorism; ground, Naval, and air combat; military leadership and military law.  Connor is also the author of the book “Articles From War” He became a contributor for the South Carolina Conservative Dot Com in 2012.

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