Interview with a Zombie: The Doctrine of Nullification Explained

January 30, 2013


I cannot urge my readers enough to take a few minutes and watch this priceless video above.  It is extremely funny, but also sadly accurate as to how most of the mainstream media and progressive political class steers the dialogue as though they were some sort of mindless zombies totally unable to grasp any sort of context of truth and facts.

Dr Tom Woods


The video is a half satirical interview with real life author of the book Nullification: How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century - Dr. Tom Woods who holds a Bachelor’s degree in history from Harvard, and a Master’s Degree and Ph.D from Columbia University.  The interviewer is a somewhat likeable, but typically brain-dead zombie in a suit.  Did someone say Chris Matthews?……..Ahem, excuse me, I lost my train of thought there for a second.


Matthews,… I mean the zombie gives Dr. Woods the grand introduction of holding up his book and saying “Boooook….”  So after a brief awkward pause, Dr. Woods then proceeds to give a very eloquent case in explaining the Tenth Amendment to the US Constitution and the doctrine of nullification that is derived from it.


At several points the zombie interrupts by pointing his finger and saying “Neo-Confederate….” and “Slavery…” and “Racism….” to which Dr. Woods rightly responds by pointing out that nullification actually has nothing to do with the Confederacy, slavery, and or racism; but rather, quite the contrary.


He goes on to point out that in fact, nullification was actually used by northern states like Wisconsin as a means of fighting unconstitutional Federal fugitive slave laws, – laws which were purposed to force the citizens of the states to be required to turn in escaped slaves, and making it a criminal act to aide slaves.


Dr. Woods even reads from a handbill which was circulated in Milwaukee in the 1850s –  All the People of this State, who are opposed to being made SLAVES or SLAVE-CATCHERS, and to having the Free Soil of Wisconsin made the hunting-ground for Human Kidnappers, and all who are willing to unite in a STATE LEAGUE, to defend our State Sovereignty, our State Courts, and our State and National Constitutions, against the flagrant usurpations of U.S. Judges, Commissioners, and Marshals, and their Attorneys; and to maintain inviolate those great Constitutional Safeguards of Freedom — the WRIT OF HABEAS CORPUS and the RIGHT OF TRIAL BY JURY — as old and sacred as Constitutional Liberty itself; and all who are willing to sustain the cause of those who are prosecuted, and to be prosecuted in Wisconsin, by the agents and executors of the Kidnapping Act of 1850, for the alleged crime of rescuing a human being from the hands of kidnappers, and restoring him to himself and to Freedom, are invited to meet at YOUNGS’ HALL, IN THIS CITY, THURSDAY, APRIL 13TH, at 11 o’clock A.M., to counsel together, and take such action as the exigencies of the times, and the cause of imperiled Liberty demand.” but the words once again fall of deaf, or perhaps dead, or rather undead ears.


Interview with a zombie

At one point Dr. Woods starts to tell some historical facts about Hitler and Nazism.  As soon as he utters the word Hitler, the zombie gets excited, well, excited for a zombie, and points his finger at Woods and says “HITLERRRR!….” implying that by mentioning Hitler in any context, that Dr. Woods must have exposed himself as a closet Nazi.  Once again Dr. Woods calmly responds by saying “Yes, I mentioned Hitler’s name,” but goes on to cite that Hitler and the National Socialist Party of Germany – Nazis were leftists liberals and openly opposed to any and all local sovereignty and the checks and balances of a free society such as nullification.


Nullification is no new thing.  As cited above it has its roots in the Tenth Amendment, and both Jefferson and Madison pushed nullification of certain federal laws in their states of Virginia and Kentucky in the late 1790s.  In 2007 fifteen states passed laws which nullified the federal national ID law and it was never implemented.  Now nullification is being cited in countless states as a necessary means of fighting back a tide of unconstitutional laws which have come out of Washington, namely Obamacare and any of the looming “gun control” laws which would violate the Second Amendment.


Nullification laws such as H.3101 “South Carolina Freedom of Health Care Protection Act” are likely to pass in many states over the next few months and hopefully will lead to Obamacare going the way of the dodo bird, as well as preserving the Second Amendment.  But in the meantime it will seem a futile effort to try and have a reasoned discussion with most mainstream types who want to see racism and bigotry around every corner, and in everyone who dares to be historically and constitutionally accurate rather than acting like politically correct zombies.


Getting back to the video, after a few minutes of making his case and very politely reasoning with his zombie interviewer, Dr. Woods finally becomes a bit frustrated and realizes he is spinning his wheels because all Mr. zombie can do is counter by repeating “Neo-Confederate….”, “Slavery…” and “Racism….”


So without spoiling the end of the video I will just say that you should never decide to end and interview with a zombie by saying, “if you’re not going to use your brains”….


By: Javan Browder

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