Hundreds Rally to Push for Obamacare Nullification

January 10, 2013

Nullify Obamacare Rally 1-8-13

Photo – Javan Browder – The South Carolina Conservative Dot Com

In Columbia Tuesday, on a chilly workday morning, approximately 400-500 South Carolina citizens from the upcountry to the lowlands gathered for what they called an “Obamacare Nullification Rally.”


The purpose of the rally was to push the State Legislature to pass H.3101 “South Carolina Freedom of Health Care Protection Act.”  The bill has been introduced in the House and is sponsored by Representative Bill Chumley.  As written, the bill would establish an SC law that would make “Obamacare” null and void within the state, and also would create a penalty structure for anyone who would act as to implement any part of Obamacare within the state.


Nullify Obamacare Rally Columbia 1-8-13

The doctrine of “nullification” goes back as far as 1798 when Jefferson and Madison both wrote resolutions based on the Tenth Amendment in which they called for certain overreaching federal laws to be “nullified” by their states.  Those resolutions went on to become known as “The Resolutions of 1798.”  Nullification has been used on a wide scale as recently as 2007 when fifteen states passed nullification of the federal ID law which resulted in the federal government abandoning all implementation of the law throughout the nation.  Michigan also passed a nullification law for the federal NDAA law within the last few weeks.



Chumley (pictured left) was one of several speakers and opened his speech by saying in reference to those in attendance that, “I am so happy that we have people who are going to stand up for what’s right.  Remember always, we’re doing what’s right; this is it – morally, constitutionally, this is it.  We’re on the right side.”


Senator Lee Bright also spoke at the rally and said, “The Tenth and Second Amendments were written as the protectors of the rest of the Constitution, and we are now going to use the Tenth Amendment so that we will not have to use the Second.”  Bright has introduced a very similar bill in the Senate.  But his version removes most of the penalties for implementing Obamacare, and many supporters of the nullification effort fear that the softer Senate version doesn’t have the “teeth” that Chumley’s House version has.


Senator Tom Davis gave what may have been the most stirring speech of the event in which he cited that one of South Carolina’s greatest statesmen – John C Calhoun was also a major figure behind the doctrine that states have sovereign authority over the federal government.  Davis said that for far too long Calhoun’s legacy has been maligned in the mainstream and said that, “I stand with that great long serving US Senator from SC.  I stand with that great Secretary of War from SC.  I stand with that great Secretary of State from SC.  And I stand with that great Vice President from SC.”

Tom Corbin speaking at Nullify Obamacare Rally 1-8-13


Senator Tom Corbin, (pictured right) who is a co-sponsor of the bill spoke very briefly but movingly when he said that he is fighting this fight because he has twin fifteen year-old sons, and that in the future he doesn’t want his sons to look at him and say “Dad, why didn’t you fight for us when you had the chance?”  He went on to say, as he fought back his emotion, that “Even if we lose this battle, I want my sons to at least be able to say – dad, thanks for fighting.”


Lauren Martel – a lawyer from Hilton Head who came up for the event said, “I drove 3 hours to come to this event because I believe in state’s right under the Constitution and the Tenth Amendment.  The Federal Government has usurped the power enumerated by the Constitution, and it is absolutely up to the people to keep it in check.  If people do not participate in the very issues that affect their lives and their children’s lives, then we have no hope for future liberty.  We must stand and seek the best possible legal remedies.  As an attorney, I have studied this issue and I believe this is an excellent remedy to a Federal Law that is blatantly unconstitutional.  I side with Jefferson and Madison over Kagan any day.”


Harry Kibler – founder and leader of “RINO Hunt” acted as emcee and said, “You will hear a lot from the mainstream that our movement is about hate, but it’s not.  It’s about love – love of country.”


Notably absent from the event were all the statewide elected officials including Governor Haley.  One cry from the crowd could be heard saying “Where’s the Governor?”


Following the rally, leaders of the effort held a press conference inside the rotunda of the Capital Building where it became very crowded as the large crowd which had been outside for the rally tried to squeeze in.  After the press conference many people stayed to meet with their Legislators to urge them to support the bill(s.)

SC lawmaker gather to support nullification of Obamacare

Photo – Javan Browder – The South Carolina Conservative Dot Com

Several co-sponsors have already stepped forward to add their names to the bill(s), among which are Taylor, G.R. Smith, Huggins, Wells, Henderson, Crosby, Atwater, Long, Wood, Toole, Willis, Clemmons, Hardwick, Hardee, Goldfinch, Corbin, and Verdin.  More co-sponsors are expected to jump on board as the bill(s) gains traction and widespread public support.


But supporters of the effort say that getting Obamacare nullified will not stop with South Carolina.  In order to truly be successful, they feel that it must happen in at least several states to keep Obamacare from becoming a reality over the next few years.  There are similar efforts already being made in several states, and they hope that if SC leads the way that it will embolden the other states to follow suit.


By: Javan Browder

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