Citizens to Meet at the Capital Tuesday to Push the Legislature to Pass Obamacare “Nullification”

January 7, 2013

Nullify Obamacare

A grass-roots movement known as the “nullification” movement is gaining traction across the nation and seems to have real organization in at least half or more of the states so far.


In South Carolina, a group of various grass-roots citizens are planning to meet on Tuesday in Columbia at the state capital for a press conference in which they will call for the State Legislature to pass Representative Bill Chumley’s bill - H.3101 “South Carolina Freedom of Health Care Protection Act.”


The idea of “nullification” is not new.  It originally stems from then sitting Vice President Thomas Jefferson after he wrote what was known as “Kentucky Resolutions of 1798.”  Jefferson made the case that the states were the creator and master of the Union and the Federal Government, and that as such, the states then have the sovereign authority to decide the constitutionality of federal law.  James Madison wrote a similar resolution for Virginia the same year in which he asserted that the states were “duty bound” to oppose federal law when it overreached its constitutional limits.


Michigan recently passed a bill which nullifies the federal “NDAA” law within their state.  That bill passed by a vote of 107-0 in the Michigan Statehouse.  In 2007, SC along with 14 other states fully nullified the national ID act within their states which stopped it dead in its tracks across the nation.


(You can read about nullification in great detail via this link.)


Chumley’s bill, if passed, would create a state law which would make Obamacare null and void as far as the state is concerned.  But the real meat behind the bill is that it also would create penalties if anyone from within, or from without the state would act as to implement any part of Obamacare within the state.  Unlike a non-binding resolution, the bill is an actual law.


A similar bill has been filled in the Senate by Senator Lee Bright, but Bright’s version removes most of the penalties for offenders which would in effect render the law basically useless.  Jesse Graston –State Filed Coordinator for the John Birch Society, who has been one of the leaders of the nullification movement and main planner of Tuesday’s press conference said during an organizational meeting in Greenville a few weeks ago that, “Removing the penalties from the bill would take all the teeth out of it. That’s why we support Chumley’s version.”


Josiah Magnuson – Director of Americans for Constitutional Government (ACG) who has also been one of the main forces behind the nullification movement and organizing the press conference says, “As a person who was raised in the Biblical worldview and studied the Founding Fathers of our country from a young age, I am deeply concerned about how Obamacare will fundamentally transform our state and nation. Obamacare is not only a health issue; it is a family issue and a life issue. South Carolina has a chance to pass legislation that would protect our families from unprecedented Federal intervention, our economic system from unconstitutional restructuring, and the lives of ourselves and our loved ones from unequivocal danger. The goal of the Nullify Obamacare rally and press conference is to bring together citizens from around our state not only as an outpouring of support for H.3101, but to take action to educate our representatives on the necessary steps to avoid this danger.”


Gaston and Magnuson have now joined with a crowd of likeminded citizens on three recent occasions in Greenville for organizational planning meetings.  Graston says that he has been traveling the state attending similar meetings, and that the nullification movement is taking root across SC as well as in many other states.


By holding the press conference on the opening day of the legislative session, the group hopes to gain the attention of state law makers and send the message to them that H.3101 should be their top priority.  As of Friday, Representative Chumley reported that he has 9 official co-sponsors and 7 others who have verbally agreed to be co-sponsors.  When I spoke to Senator Tom Corbin just before Christmas he said that he has been pushing for Obamacare nullification for quite a while.  Corbin went on to say at that point he had not been able to read the context of the bill, but that barring anything “unexpected” he would fully support it.


Graston said that he expects most SC Republicans to end up supporting the bill because as he said, “Even the ‘RINOs’ will want to support this because they know that no one wants Obamacare.”  He also expects that a lot more co-sponsors will come out of the woodwork after the press conference is held and the bill gets more attention in the media.


There is a chartered bus traveling down for from Greenville, and so far about 40 have signed up to ride it.  The event begins at 10:30am and the press conference begins at 11:30

By: Javan Browder

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