“Evert’s Electables” General Election November 6, 2012 Voter Guide

November 1, 2012

This is a voter guide for upstate South Carolina political offices prepared by guest contributor Evert Headley.  Bio info for Evert is posted at the bottom of this piece.



  • For candidates already in an office, I check voting records. My comments reflect their voting records over the course of their tenure.  I will list all the rankings I can find.  Organizations do not always list every state and/or race. For those who have never run for office before, and who claim a position, I will state their claim, but understand I have nothing by which to verify that claim.
  • In election races that have no opposition, I may offer some information and how I would vote, but that will be an exception.
  • Even if these races appear to be easily winnable, as conservative Republicans, we need to get out and vote for our candidates.


U.S. President:

Mitt Romney (VP: Paul Ryan) (Republican)      http://www.mittromney.com

Former Governor of Massachusetts. Mormon.  Married with 5 children.  Former CEO of a turnaround company. Hired as CEO of the Olympics in Utah and widely viewed as having rescued that event.  Ran for GOP Presidential Nomination in 2008.  As governor, he became more aware of what abortion really is and changed his position to be Pro-Life.  I believe it to be a true conversion on this issue and his track record bears this out.

Endorsed by the NRA; they gave him a “B” rating in 2002 based on his campaign promises before he was elected governor; they have since stopped rating him.  As quoted on the NRA website: “Get to the polls on election day and make the difference in this campaign. Help take back our country and protect our freedom. On November 6, vote freedom first – Vote Romney-Ryan!

Paul Ryan’s record on the Pro-Life issue is much more consistent, but Romney has been running on a Pro-Life plank with the three exceptions and has made a commitment to allow people the rights of conscience. He has also stated that he will protect the traditional definition of family, cut taxes, fund the military and to cut spending in an effort to reduce the deficit.


Barack Obama (VP: Joe Biden) (Democrat) (Incumbent)       http://www.barackobama.com

Holds the distinction of being the most extreme Pro-Abortion President that we have had since Roe vs. Wade was legalized. He not only has promoted legislation legalizing abortion during all stages of pregnancy, but also wants to repeal the ban on partial-birth abortion, and while senator voted against the Born Alive Act. Further, through ObamaCare, he wishes to impose upon those who have a moral objection to abortion that they pay for abortion services and contraception services. Further, his party stripped the word “rare” from the abortion language in their platform which had read “safe, legal, and rare.” He is leading the effort to strike down the Defense of Marriage Act and is seeking to get homosexual marriage legalized and legitimized nationwide. Under his leadership, the Democrat Party stripped all mentions of God from their platform and the reference to Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel. After this became a news story they quickly rammed through a minor change adding both back in – prompting an outcry of disapproval by the delegates.

The President has added five trillion dollars to the national debt after promising he would reduce it by half.  His projected budget for the next seven years shows the debt doubling. It has recently come out that he has a two-fold effort to attempt to cut the debt—jack up everyone’s taxes by allowing all tax cuts to expire and by allowing the trillion dollar military Draconian cuts to go through which will damage our national security. In the last debate he stated that he wished to re-impose the assault weapons ban. His Attorney General, Eric Holder, ordered the ATF to sell semi-automatic and automatic weapons to drug cartel members in an operation called Fast and Furious which ended in the death of a U.S. border agent and the deaths of many Mexican civilians including 17 innocent teenagers at a party. His administration then tried to cover-up this operation. The Obama administration has been (almost from beginning to end) a collection of crony-capitalism where the President pays off his supporters and sticks it to everyone else.

Furthermore, he personally (and, at his direction, the ambassador to the UN) has repeatedly misled the American public in reference to what actually happened at our consulate in Benghazi. Sadly, we lost an Ambassador, a state department staff member and two former Navy Seals (who disobeyed direct orders and came to the defense of our ambassador and his staff at the expense of their own lives).  The more information that comes to light, the worse the situation appears. Many people call Barack Obama a “socialist.” I don’t think anyone can argue that he is not at least a European-style socialist (such as France has recently elected). It is very disturbing to see that so many of his mentors and advisors throughout the years have been open Socialists, Marxists, Communists and/or Maoists.


Virgil Goode (Constitution)     http://www.goodeforpresident2012.com/

Gary Johnson (Libertarian)    http://www.garyjohnson2012.com/

Jill Stein (Green)    http://www.jillstein.org/

Evert: None of three third party candidates will win. I do not believe that the three combined will pull more than 6% of the total vote.

I would vote for Mitt Romney. 


U.S. Congress:

District 3 – Anderson, Greenwood, Pickens, Laurens and southern part of Greenville

Jeff Duncan (Republican)    http://www.jeffduncan.com

A strong fiscal and social conservative. Very strong on national security. An advocate and defender for many core conservative principles including the Right to Life, Second Amendment, border security, fiscal conservatism and protection of the sovereign rights a state. When someone has served in the State House or elsewhere and stayed true to conservative principles, that is something to be rewarded.  Signed the No New Taxes Pledge and has pledged to help repeal ObamaCare. 100% Palmetto Family Alliance rating. Endorsed by NRA (“A”), National Right to Life (100% rating), and the Club for Growth (97% rating).

Brian Doyle (Democrat)    http://briandoyleforcongress.org/

Running as a Pro-Choice democrat running on women’s rights, anti-war, and more money on education.  Ryan Doyle has been a life-long member of the NAACP and the Rainbow Push Coalition. Did not answer the NRA questionnaire. Has the distinction to being the only candidate on the ballot in our state to be a convicted Felon.  He was convicted in 2003 for Medicare Fraud.

Evert: Jeff Duncan is one of our best congressmen in the U.S. House; let’s send him back just to give the liberals fits.

I would vote for Jeff Duncan. 


District 4 – Greenville & Spartanburg :

Trey Gowdy (Republican)     http://www.treygowdy.com/

Former Solicitor in Spartanburg and Union Counties. One of the lead questioners on the Fast & Furious scandal as well as other issues. Serves on the judiciary committee. 100% Pro-life score card. “A” rating from the NRA . Pro-victim rights. A good man. Both a fiscal and social conservative.  Endorsed by Bob Taylor, the NRA, NFIB, and the National Right to Life.

Deb Morrow (Democrat; WFM)  http://www.debforcongress.org/

Originally from Ashville, N.C. and believes the Republican Party is waging a war on women. Staunchly Pro-Choice. Believes that we should reinstate the assault weapons ban and other gun laws. Would vote to keep ObamaCare.

Jeff Somerel (Green)   www.justrepresentation.org

Says he’ll only serve one term. Does not have an agenda, but says he will vote however his district wishes; he will not voice any of his opinions, wants to try pure Democracy.  Not a serious candidate.

Evert: Trey Gowdy is another one of the great congressmen we have in the U.S. House. He is very effective at advocating our ideals and principles and not backing down when he knows he’s right—we just need to send him reinforcements.

I would gladly vote for Trey Gowdy. 


S.C. Senate :

District 3 – Anderson/Pickens Co

Kevin Bryant (Republican)     (Unopposed)    http://www.kevinbryant.com/

Incumbent.  Pro-Life.  Strong defender of the 2nd Amendment. Reformer and strong fiscal and social conservative.  One of only 10 state senators who voted against spending the stimulus money.  Received highest ranking from Club for Growth 2008-2012.  Staunch defender of and advocate for traditional marriage and the Right to Life. 100% from the Palmetto Family, Received the Friend of the Taxpayers Award.  Endorsed by Life PAC (100% rating), Republican Liberty Caucus, NRA. Tea party supporter.

I would vote for Kevin Bryant


District 4 – Anderson/Greenwood Co:

Billy O’Dell (Republican)    Unopposed)    No website found

Incumbent. Former Democrat who switched parties about 8 years ago.  One of the “good ‘ole boys” who stands with Jakie Knotts and Hugh Leatherman. Whenever reformers try to restructure government, reform education or reduce spending, Billy O’Dell stands in the way.  Has a good voting record on social issues, however.  Endorsed by Life PAC and the NRA (“A” rating), 88% from Palmetto Family.

Evert: Marine Sergeant Riley Harvell ran against him in the Primary.  Although he is not allowed to “run” as a write-in, that is who I would vote for.  I would not give my vote to Mr. O’Dell.  He is going to win, but I wouldn’t vote for him.

I would write-in “Riley Harvell. 


District 5 – Greenville & Spartanburg Co:

Tom Corbin (Republican)     (Unopposed)    http://www.votecorbin.com/

Current State House member representing the northern part of Greenville County.  Social and economic conservative.  Willing to cut through regulation and has been pro-business.  Pro-Life, pro-family, pro-business, pro-school choice, and anti-tax record.  Has worked to reduce spending.  Reformer and willing to restructure government. Strong supporter of the 10th amendment.  Tea party supporter. Endorsed by Life PAC (100% rating), NRA (“A” rating), and Randy Page.

I would vote for Tom Corbin


District 6 – Northern Greenville County:

Mike Fair (Republican)  (Incumbent)   http://www.electmikefair.com/

Incumbent. Stalwart supporter for Pro-Life and pro-family traditional values for years. For example, he fought to keep abstinence education and was pro-life leader on the ultra-sound bill (requiring an ultra-sound prior to an abortion).  You’ve heard the expression “if you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen”—on many issues [education, Right to Life, traditional marriage] he was the only one in the kitchen for many years. One of the original sponsors of school choice and registration by party. Signed the “No New Taxes Pledge.” He has earned the “Friend of the Taxpayer” award and the Legislator of the year award from the SC Citizens for Life.  Because of his seniority and leadership positions in the Senate, he was able to make bring School Choice to a vote in the committee; he was practically alone in his fight against the imposition of Common Core on our education system (the federal government is seeking to impose its will on the states).  100% from Palmetto Family, endorsed by Life PAC (100% rating), NRA (“A” rating), Alexia Newman, Dr. Bob Jones III, David Wilkins, David Beasley, Randy Page, Scott Case, Lewis Vaughn, Dan Hamilton, Phyllis Henderson, Dwight Loftis, Joe Dill, Dr John Vaughn, TR Mayor Wayne McCall, Congressman Jeff Duncan, Congressman Tim Scott and Sen Jim DeMint.

Tommie Reece (Petition)  (Democrat)   http://www.reeceforsenate.com/

Current liberal school board member.  Past chairman of the Greenville County School Board. She has served on the board for 15 years and in that time she has only voted twice against a tax increase, both times in the last two years.  She even voted twice to refuse to roll back the millage after property reassessments (the equivalent of a tax increase 5 times the normal size). Very hostile to school choice and one of the leaders against it on the school board.  She has also tried to defund the local charter schools.  Pro-choice.  Claims to support gun rights.  Voted in the 2008 Democrat Primary (either for Hillary or Obama).  When asked about what primary she voted in, she claims to not remember.  Has donated to 8 candidates since 1998, 7 of whom were Democrats including Jim Hodges, Frank Holleman (Under-Secretary of Education for Bill Clinton), Jim Rex; and she and Frank Holleman are working together to get Democrats to vote for her in the general election.  Do not be fooled—she is trying to perpetrate a fraud on GOP voters by stating that she is a Petition Republican.  She is no Republican; she is a liberal Democrat.  NRA Gave her a B+

Evert: Senator Fair is the only true Republican in this race.  Tommie Reece is a Democrat.

I would vote for Mike Fair. 


District 7:

Jane Kizer (Republican)   http://janekizer.com/

Pro-Life. Running to improve schools and supporting charter schools. Wants to make neighborhoods safe and free from crime, no matter whether you are rich or poor or black or white. Received a rating of “AQ” from the NRA (which is the highest possible score for someone who has not yet held office) and endorsed by the Life PAC.

Karl Allen (Democrat; WFM)  http://karlallen4senate7.org

Attorney. Current House member now running for Senate. Openly hostile to school choice. 33% rating from the Palmetto Family Alliance and a B+ from the NRA.

I would vote for Jane Kizer.


District 8 – Greenville Co:

Ross Turner (Republican)    (Unopposed)   http://www.rossturnerforsenate.com/


District 9 – Greenville & Laurens Co:

Danny Verdin (Republican)   Unopposed)  No website found


District 11 – Spartanburg Co:

Kerry Wood (Petition)  (Republican)   http://wwwkerrywood.com/

A consultant who has helped many conservative Republicans get elected. Running as a Pro-Life, pro-business, pro-family, defender of the Second Amendment. Has stated that he would vote against all forms of ObamaCare at the state level and would vote for lower taxes for business and industry. Would try to bring regulation down to a reasonable level. As a small business owner, he knows what it is like to try to make payroll and deal with burdensome regulations which make it harder for small businesses to remain open.  “AQ” rating from the NRA (highest possible score for someone who has not yet held office).  Signed the “No New Taxes Pledge.” Instrumental in helping many petition candidates in the Upstate and throughout the state to regain ballot access through the petition process after the State Supreme Court threw them off the ballot. Endorsed by Josh Kimbrell.

Glenn Reese (Incumbent) (Democrat)   http://www.glennreese.com/

Current incumbent Democrat who owns a Krispy Kreme donut shop in Spartanburg. Has served in the State Senate for over 20 years. One of the senators currently receiving retirement benefits while still a member of the Senate. Supported Barack Obama in 2008 and has voted in support of measures to make SC state law subordinate to ObamaCare dictates. Rated 60%” by the Palmetto Family Council, “F” by Club for Growth, and 61% by SC BIPEC (business and industry group). Endorsed by NRA (“A”).

I would vote for Kerry Wood.


District 12 – Spartanburg & Greenville Co:

New precincts in Greenville Co for this district – Ashton Lakes, Canebrake, Circle Creek, Feaster, Granite Creek, Oakview, Pelham Falls, Rolling Green, Sparrows Point, Stone Haven, Sugar Creek, and Thornblade


Lee Bright (Republican) http://www.leebrightsc.com/

Incumbent. Pro-family, Pro-Life, pro-business, pro-reform, anti-tax advocate in the Senate.  One of the 10 senators who have been fighting for conservative values in the senate.  Sponsored legislation to have hard currency accepted as legal tender, strong states’ rights advocate. These senators just need reinforcements to strengthen their numbers so they won’t be out-voted (this group stood together against the reckless spending of the stimulus money).  After re-apportionment, Lee Bright picked up 12 Greenville County precincts.  Endorsed by Club for Growth (100% and “A+”), Life PAC (100%), NRA (“A”) and Palmetto Liberty PAC. Tea Party supporter. Governor Nikki Haley gave him an “A+.”

Henri Thompson (Democrat; WFM)   http://www.henrithompson.com

Graduated from Burns High School. Wants to improve K-12 education because we lag behind the rest of the country. Like Obama, he has stated that he wants to move the country “forward” and not backwards.  Did not answer the NRA questionnaire.

I would gladly vote for Lee Bright.


District 13:

Shane Martin (Republican)    (Unopposed)  http://www.senatormartin.com/


S.C. House:

Note: Most House members from Greenville County are unopposed

District 10 – Anderson/Greenville Co: – Joshua Putnam (R)    (Unopposed)      http://www.joshuaputnam.com/

Incumbent.  Pro-family, Pro-Life, fiscal conservative. Strong supporter of 2nd Amendment, and states’ rights.  Actively involved in Tea Party movement.  Worked on Senator DeMint’s campaign. Eagle Scout. Passionate about conservative causes. Endorsed by NRA (“A”) and Life PAC.

I would gladly vote for Joshua Putnam.

District 16 – Pickens, Greenville & Laurens: – Mark Willis (R)   (Unopposed)

District 17 – Greenville – Tom Corbin (R)    (Unopposed)  *There will be a special election early in 2013 to fill this seat if Tom Corbin wins the Senate seat he is running for

District 18 – Greenville – Tommy Stringer (R)    (Unopposed)

District 19 – Greenville – Dwight Loftis (R)     (Unopposed)

District 20 – Greenville – Dan Hamilton (R)     (Unopposed)

District 21 – Greenville – Phyllis Henderson (R)    (Unopposed)

District 22 – Greenville – Wendy Nanney (R)      (Unopposed)

District 23 – Greenville – Chandra Dillard (D)      (Unopposed)

District 24 – Greenville   Bruce Bannister (Republican)  Joseph Martin (Green)

I would vote for Bruce Bannister.

District 25 – Greenville – Leola Robinson- Simpson (D)   Unopposed)

She currently serves on the local Greenville school board, Likes high taxes and has been very active against school choice.  A black minister, Tony Boyce, is running a write-in campaign.

If I lived in this district, I would vote for the write-in, Tony Boyce.

District 27 – Greenville – Garry Smith (R)    (Unopposed)

District 28 – Greenville – Eric Bedingfield (R)    (Unopposed)

District 34 – Spartanburg 

Gaye Holt – (Petition) – Republican

While still at college she began an accounting career at Milliken & Co. and worked there ten years. Very active in the Republican Party; past president of Palmetto House Republican Women. Chaired the 2010 GOP Spartanburg “Get out the Vote” effort. State board member for SC Fair Tax Act. Running as a reformer, who will be both a social and fiscal conservative and spend less money by the government.  “AQ” rating by NRA (highest rating a non-incumbent can score). Endorsed by Josh Kimbrell.

Mike Forrester – Incumbent (R)

On social issues Mr. Forrester has a very good record; has a Pro-Life record. Two years ago he voted to kill the School Choice bill. Endorsed by the NRA (“A” rating), the Palmetto Family (92%), rated 60% by the Club for Growth.  Voted to force the Governor to accept the Stimulus funds in 2008.

I would vote for Gaye Holt.

District 35 – Spartanburg & Greenville – Bill Chumley (R)    (Unopposed)      http://www.chumleyforhouse.com/

NOTE: After reapportionment portions of these Greenville Co Precincts were added to the district; Bells Crossing, Circle Creek Highland Creek 2, Riverwalk, Hillcrest, Walnut Springs.

Incumbent. Strong Pro-Life, pro-family, pro-reform, pro-restructuring, and pro-business record.  Rated “B” by Club for Growth.  The only House member from Spartanburg to vote for School Choice two years ago.  All other Spartanburg House members voted to kill it.  Farmer and businessman who brings a fiscally conservative viewpoint to the House.  Endorsed by NRA (“A”).

I would vote for Bill Chumley.

District 36 – Spartanburg & Greenville Co

Jim McMillian (Petition) (Republican)     http://mcmillanforhouse.com/

Reared in Wellford. Businessman for over 35 years. Volunteers as a Guardian ad Litem to represent/advocate for the best interest of children for the court. A chaplain for Gideons Int. He is a veteran and member of the American Legion Post 45 in Inman, SC. Serves as the assistant chaplain. Strong supporter of 2nd Amendment. He is campaigning as a true conservative, tired of the political establishment, and as a Pro-Life, pro-family, fiscal conservative of the Tea Party variety.

Rita Allison (Republican) (Incumbent)                                                                      http://imforrita.com/

Rated 100% by both Palmetto Family Alliance and SC Citizens for Life (endorsed by SC LIFEPAC). Endorsed by NRA (“A-”) and Josh Kimbrell. Signed the No New Taxes Pledge. “D-” from Club for Growth. Has represented this district for several years; voted to force the Governor to accept the stimulus money.

Evert: Rep. Allison has been a consistent conservative on the social issues, but on fiscal issues and School Choice she has not voted as a Conservative. This year she voted for school choice, but two years ago she voted with the liberals in the GOP to kill the bill in the House. She also voted to accept the stimulus money and spend it. We need a change in leadership in this district. The petition candidate running against her is more conservative on several issues and is a Tea Party conservative.

I would vote for Jim McMIllian. 

District 37 – Spartanburg Co – Donna Wood (R)    (Unopposed)    http://www.votedonnawood.com/

Running as a pro-family, Pro-Life, fiscal and reform-minded conservative. Strong advocate of the 2nd Amendment. Has a strong core of convictions to bring traditional values and a pro-business mindset to Columbia. Supports School Choice.

I would vote for Donna Wood.


Greenville County Offices:

County Council:

Districts 18, 20, 21, 22, 24 and 27 Republican candidates for county council are unopposed:

** Sid Cates, Jim Burns, Bob Taylor, Liz Seaman and Butch Kirven

District 18

Joseph Baldwin (R)     (Unopposed on the ballot)

Incumbent. Attorney. His voting record is all over the place.  In fact, this is one of my biggest concerns regarding him. You never know if he will be for you or against you or when he will change his mind.

Mike Barnes    (Write-In Challenger)

I would give the challenger, Mike Barnes, an opportunity to serve the citizens of Greenville County.

Evert: I see a lot of signs in Yards for the Challenger Mike Barnes.  He has a real good chance to win as a write-in candidate.

I would write in Mike Barnes.
District 20 Sid Cates (R)  (Unopposed)   http://www.sidcates.com/

District 21 Jim Burns (R)  (Unopposed)

District 22 Bob Taylor (R)  (Unopposed)

District 25

Ralph Sweeny (Petition)                                                                                                

Member of Long Branch Baptist Church. Married. One of the candidates who was removed from the ballot and is now running as a petition candidate. Running to promote “smart growth” which refers to Agenda 21 (basically a way to restrict growth). Board member of Greenville Forward.

Lottie Gibson (D) (Incumbent)                                                                                    

Has been on council for a couple of decades at least. Very liberal. Widow. Advocate for the poor.

Evert: There is no Republican candidate on the ballot. I would not vote for either of these candidates.


Greenville County School Board Districts:       (Non-partisan)

District 17

Sunny Weigand    https://www.facebook.com/SunnyForSchoolBoard

Running on parental involvement, private/public school partnership, and pupil performance. Played a major role in crafting the Georgia Home School Bill and home schooled her own children. Consultant for BJU Press and has a degree in special education from BJU. Currently a tutor for public, private and home schooled children in Greenville County. Running because she loves children and has a strong desire to see them achieve academic success. Missed the forum. Endorsed by Wendy Nanney.

Joy Grayson  www.joy4education.com/

Former prosecutor. From reading her website and literature, if you want a change from the current tax-and-spend policies of the school board, you won’t want to vote for her. She is the educational establishment candidate. Wants to replace old school buses. Tommie Reece is on her steering committee. Endorsed by former Democrat governor Dick Riley, Susan Shi, Frank Holleman (Under-Secretary of Education for Bill Clinton), Chuck Saylors, Mary-Ann Inglis and Ambassador David Wilkins.

Paul Fallavollita                                                                                

Running as a Tea Party conservative candidate. Seems to have some pretty good points on his website, but I’ve never seen him at any Tea Party events. Did not attend the forum for this district (I left after 10 minutes as only one candidate was in attendance).

Evert: If you’re looking for someone to continually raise your taxes and spend every dime of it, Joy Grayson is your candidate.

If you’re looking for a change and someone open to new ideas without raising taxes, Sunny Weigand is the best choice.

I would vote for Sunny Weigand. 


District 19

Ryan Rafalski                                                                                    

Republican. Conservative, Tea Party candidate. Wants to bring fiscal responsibility to the school board, give teachers more support and accountability in the classroom, and put the budget on the website for transparency.  Citadel graduate with a Civil Engineering degree. Believes in traditional values.  Big supporter of charter schools; believes we need fresh ideas on the board.

Debi Bush (Incumbent)                                                                                 

Extremely hostile to school choice. Consistently voted for every tax increase the school board has offered. Made a point at the forum to announce that she was a leader in helping to kill school choice efforts. Openly hostile in the past toward charter schools.

Charles Winfield                                                                                                               

Former auditor with the Greenville County school district. Also ran for this same post in 2008 and lost.

Evert: If you want a conservative, vote for Ryan Rafalski. If you like your taxes going up every year, vote for Debi Bush.

I would vote for Ryan Rafalski. 


District 21

Dana Rohleder    (Incumbent)   (Unopposed)                     

Evert: I would not vote for any incumbent on school board. All but one are liberals. I would do a write-in.


District 23

Seth Powell                                                                                                        

Calls himself a “working class father who holds traditional values.” Would be supportive of both charter and magnet schools.  Believes we spend too much money on education; wants to reduce the number of tax increases and work within our means.

Glenda Morrison-Fair                                                                                     

Incumbent. 20-year veteran teacher. 19-years business experience. Likes charter schools but content with current school board.

I would vote for Seth Powell


District 25 — Kenneth Baxter Sr.   (Unopposed)                           

Not opposed to raising taxes.

Evert: I am not aware of a write-in candidate to suggest; I still would not give him my vote.

I would do a write-in


District 27 – Crystal Ball O’Connor   (Unopposed)               

Incumbent. Self-described progressive [“liberal”].  Served previously on school board from another district. Openly hostile toward School Choice. I am not aware of a write-in candidate to suggest; I still would not give her my vote.

I would do a write-in. 


County-wide Offices (All are Incumbents)  (Unopposed)

Clerk of Court – Paul Wickensimer (Republican)

Coroner – B. Parks Evans Jr. (Republican)

Evert: I would Write-in Ken Coppins.

Register of Deeds – Timothy Nanney (Republican)

Sheriff – Steve Loftis (Republican)                        

Evert: All of these positions are unopposed and I am aware of only one write-in candidate against the sheriff. The write-in candidate has absolutely no chance of winning and had attempted to run as a Democrat but was removed from the ballot.


Amendment 1:

Beginning with the general election of 2018, must Section 8 of Article IV of the Constitution of this State be amended to provide that the Lieutenant Governor must be elected jointly with the Governor in a manner prescribed by law; and upon the joint election to add Section 37 to Article III of the Constitution of this State to provide that the Senate shall elect from among the members thereof a President to preside over the Senate and to perform other duties as provided by law; to delete Sections 9 and 10 of Article IV of the Constitution of this State containing inconsistent provisions providing that the Lieutenant Governor is President of the Senate, ex officio, and while presiding in the Senate, has no vote, unless the Senate is equally divided; to amend Section 11 to provide that the Governor shall fill a vacancy in the Office of Lieutenant Governor by appointing a successor with the advice and consent of the Senate; and to amend Section 12 of Article IV of the Constitution of this State to conform appropriate references?


A ‘Yes’ vote will require, from 2018 onward, the Governor and Lieutenant Governor to run on the same ticket and be elected to office jointly. As a result, the Lieutenant Governor will no longer preside over the Senate and the Senate will elect their presiding officer from within the Senate body.

A ‘No’ vote maintains the current method of electing the Governor and Lieutenant Governor separately. The Lieutenant Governor shall continue to serve as President of the Senate.

Evert:  Although I would like to see a change in the SC Constitution on this issue, I believe the price this amendment is asking of us is too high. If we pass this amendment, the office of Lt. Governor will have all power and authority stripped from it. Since the President of the Senate (the presiding officer) would then have to be elected from within the Senate, one of two problems will happen:

  • The Senate President could follow typical parliamentary procedure and not cast a vote unless he is breaking a tie. This means that (unless there is a tie), that senator’s district would lose its voice and its vote. A presiding officer does not usually speak to an issue.
  • They could permit the Senate President to vote on every issue. However, this would then give that senator an opportunity to vote twice—once as a member and again as a tie-breaker. That senator’s district would then have a double vote.

I understand that the purpose of this amendment in theory is to strengthen the Governorship by allowing the Governor to choose his/her running mate. However, this would be hollow if the Lt. Governor’s office is stripped of its authority. We do not need to strip the Executive Branch of any existing power only to hand it over to the Senate. There are plenty of good people on both sides of this debate. Many of our House and Senate members support state restructuring and voted in support of this bill and Randy Page supports this change. On the other hand, Doug Wavle, Jim Lee and I all oppose this version of the amendment, although we support the principle idea behind it (of a joint ticket). While I would love to see the office of the Governor strengthened, I believe this amendment will instead further strengthen the State Senate.


Information About the Author, Evert Headley

Evert has been involved with politics since 1989, both at state and local levels. He considers himself to be a Reagan conservative (a conservative on social, economic, and national security issues, in that order).  His first issue is always the Right to Life (without that right which is endowed by our Creator, none of the other rights even exists). His second issue is always the 2nd Amendment (the right to bear arms) because this right guarantees the ability of individuals and states to defend the other rights. His third issue is always the First Amendment (freedom of religion, speech and assembly).   His fourth issue is the defense of capitalism and the defeat of socialism/Marxism/Fascism. On the national level, we are printing too much money, spending too much money, and borrowing too much money.  The federal government is trying to usurp and infringe upon the rights reserved to the states and to the individuals.

Produced by Evert Headley


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