Infiltration by the Muslim Brotherhood: Bachmann Was Right

September 26, 2012


It doesn’t come as a surprise to those of us who have had our eyes open to radical Islam that Congresswoman and former Presidential candidate Michele Bachmann was right when she and four other members of Congress drafted letters calling for official investigations into the possible infiltration of the U.S. Government at high levels by terrorist groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood back in mid June.  (Their letters included numerous sources of the claims being made.)


But most of the increasingly spineless GOP and of course the Democrats to boot left Bachmann and the few others out to dry for even suggesting the possibility, and condemned them as some type of “McCarthyist” alarmists.  Even GOP Presidential nominee Mitt Romney responded when asked about the possible infiltration by saying “those are things that are not part of my campaign.”  One of the few high profile GOP leaders to back up Bachmann is Iowa Congressman Steve King.


High ranking former Army General William Boykin has now confirmed that indeed the Muslim Brotherhood has gained access to every high level of the U.S. Government, including the Pentagon and Department of Defense.  Even Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s top aide – Huma Abedin has been linked to the Muslim Brotherhood.


General Boykin is a well respected and highly experienced expert in the field of terrorism and intelligence.  He was a member of the freshmen class of the elite Delta Force at its beginning, later going on to command the force in combat.  Boykin also served in the CIA and participated in many secret operations worldwide.  During his last four years in the Army he was Deputy Secretary of Defense for Intelligence.


The Muslim Brotherhood is a radical extremist terrorist group which has long pledged to destroy America from within.  While it must come as a satisfying type of vindication to Bachmann and others, it is nonetheless disturbing to have even more confirmation that such a group has people so closely connected to it inside every level of our government; especially when all hell is breaking lose in the Muslim world throughout the Middle East.


It may be too much to hope that a majority of our leaders grow spines and wake up to the reality that America is facing with radical Islam as Bachmann has, but at least we should rake them over the coals unless they begin to.


It is not a time for weakness.  It is not a time to walk on the eggshells of political correctness.  It is time for our leaders to show some intestinal fortitude and start protecting us against the single greatest problem we face in the 21st century – the eminent threat of “Jihad” from radical Islam.  Whether we want to be at war with Islam or not, radical Islam is at war with us.  It is better for us to face this reality now rather than when it is too late.


Thank God for a precious few leaders like Michele Bachmann who do not stick their heads in the sand hoping that it will all just go away.


By: Javan Browder

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